“It’s All Gucci” to suspend radio show until further notice

DIX HILLS, N.Y. – Due to unforeseen academic circumstances, “It’s All Gucci” will suspend radio operations until further notice.

The show’s Twitter account, @allguccisports, will remain active, but no live show will take place on UNB! Sports Radio until additional details are made available at a later time.

LIVE SHOW: MLB to return?; WrestleMania; Bulls’ new exec

Could Major League Baseball become the first professional sport to return to play during the coronavirus pandemic.

WWE and AEW are continuing to film in Florida, but WWE put on a great WrestleMania pay-per-view and AEW has began airing their TNT Championship Tournament on Dynamite.

Also, Arturas Karnisovas is leaving the Nuggets’ GM job to join the Bulls as an executive. How does that helps the Bulls in terms of finding younger talent?

Joey Gucciardo breaks it all down.

LIVE SHOW: NFL Free Agency buzz; NASCAR eRacing; WWE and AEW still filming

Times are tough n our world, and live sports is extremely limited, as is everything else. However, certain sports and companies have found a way to keep us entertained to an extent.

NASCAR is evolutionizing eSports and virtual racing, while WWE and AEW continue to film shows down in Florida despite strict gathering restrictions. And, as expected, NFL Free Agency buzz is atop the sports world.

Joe Gucciardo break it down on this edition of “It’s All Gucci.”

Under Quarantine: “It’s All Gucci” to continue during COVID-19 pandemic

DIX HILLS, N.Y. – During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Five Towns College and the Gene Free Studios have been closed to the public to ensure the safety of students, and employees at WFTU Radio. But that won’t stop It’s All Gucci from continuing.

Show host Joe Gucciardo announced Friday that the show will air live – under quarantine – during the ongoing pandemic.

The show will air during 3-4pm ET on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the same time it would have aired at WFTU during Five Towns College’s 2020 Spring semester.

The show will not be airing on WFTU Radio, but will continue to air on UNB! Sports Radio via Mixlr.com and the Mixlr App.

Welcome to “It’s All Gucci”

“It’s All Gucci” is a radio program on UNB! Sports Radio that is hosted by myself, Joe Gucciardo, that talks about all of the latest news and updates in the world of sports. But UNB! Sports is expanding the “All Gucci” name and is hooking us up with out very own blog.

On this blog, will be articles and pieces ranging from various sports from around the world. I will be expressing my unbiased, true opinions on this very blog for a long time to come. So, enjoy!